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The Food and Nutrition Research Institute (DOST-FNRI) is committed to its mandate of diffusing information to various stakeholders and clients. This information empowers Filipinos to make healthy food choices and become well-nourished. DOST-FNRI has been conducting training and seminars as away of disseminating credible nutrition information.

Train Live

Enjoy free webinars at your home and hassle free.

Train On-site

If you are not a fan of webinar, you can request trainings from us.

Train Now

Learn the kitchen tested recipes by the DOST-FNRI.

Available Webinars

Watch live webinar videos by DOST-FNRI.

Available Trainings

You can enroll in the face to face trainings offered by DOST-FNRI. If you enroll here, you will have to go to the office of DOST-FNRI to attend the trainings.


Frequently Asked Questions

Those who have an account in the iFNRI website automatically have an account in the iTrain website. To use or activate the account, user has to fill up the account completion form in the iTrain website

iTrain users have two training options. The Train Online option allows users to watch cooking demo videos and webinars online. The Train Offline option allows users to enroll in the face to face trainings of DOST-FNRI.

Under the Train Online, users have three options: Train Now, Train Live and Train Later. They can get a certificate if they choose the Train Live and Train Later.

Users should have have an account in the iTrain website. Participant need to login in their account and they will see a list of webinar offerings. Click the enroll button to enroll.

Each webinar offering has a pre/post test. Participants need to click the "Profile" button in their account. In each webinar enrolled, participant needs to click the “Take Pre-Test”. Participant needs to take the pre-test at most one hour before the scheduled webinar. If he/she did not take the pre-test before the webinar session, he/she cannot watch the webinar.

After the live streaming of the webinar, participant also needs to take the post-test and evaluation which are available immediately after the webinar.

If user missed the webinar session, user can still watch the webinar through the Train Later option. In their account, user must click the “Train Later” button. He/she have one week to watch the webinar video. After one week, the link will expire and the video cannot be watched. If the user, was able to watch the video the post test and evaluation form have to be answered to receive a certificate of participation online.

Train Offline is for the online enrollment of the face to face trainings of DOST-FNRI. Trainings offered in the Train Offline option will be conducted in DOST-FNRI, Bicutan, Taguig City.

After three working days of enrollment, the training fee will have to be deposit in DOST-FNRI’s bank account.

Land Bank of the Philippines

Account Name: FNRI Project Account

Account Number: 1822-1032-40

Make sure to email the scanned deposit slip to to reserve your slot.

If the secretariat was not able to receive the scanned deposit slip after three working days, your reservation will be forfeited.

You will receive an email from the iTrain secretariat acknowledging the received of payment.

No you cannot refund but the payment is transferable. The primary participant should emailed the iTrain secretartiat who is attending on her/his behalf.

No, the payment for a particular training cannot be used as payment for another training of DOST-FNRI.

Contact us

FNRI Bldg., DOST Compound, Gen. Santos Avenue Bicutan, Taguig City Metro Manila PHILIPPINES 1631

Phone: (02)837-2071 local 2287